Something To Hold Onto

10 03 2008

Watch out. Get a hold of yourself. Not literally. Tomorrow, don’t eat frosted mini wheats, don’t eat that brownie, don’t eat that 1/2 a cookie, don’t eat that cheesecake Nick brought in, don’t eat that mini snickers, don’t eat those ravioli cheese things from WaWa that you tried for the first time today and wouldn’t normally eat, so you say. Don’t eat before dinner, don’t eat after dinner. Don’t eat during dinner. Don’t struggle so much with your privilege, with what you’ve been given. Accept your choice and exercise your liberties to a healthy extent. Don’t let your love handles get bigger. Tomorrow, don’t grab them so much. Don’t let your legs get fatter. Don’t compare yourself to those skinny boys. Don’t think about how you’re 118 with sweats on. Don’t let yourself stay up so late tomorrow. Be proud of yourself, you’ve taught yourself to believe 11:00 is late.

Keep it under control. Tomorrow.




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